Thursday, June 13, 2024

3 Extraordinary Storage Locker finds


Everyone dreams of treasure, and treasure has been the theme of several reality shows over the years. One of the most popular has been A&E’s Storage Wars. While there are always interesting finds on the show, the biggest discoveries have happened away from the cameras, and quite possibly there have been some big ones that were kept quiet. In the world of self-storage, sometimes people die or fall on hard times and they can no longer pay for their storage locker rental. The contents of these lockers are auctioned off and this activity has become a career for some. Most of the time the rewards are nominal, but there have been some big finds.

  • Spanish Coins: Nothing is as symbolic of treasure as a chest of Spanish coins (doubloons, and pieces of eight). One man was given the surprise of a lifetime when a locker he had purchased had something amazing hidden away in a non-descript blue Rubbermaid tub. It was apparently full of Spanish gold rescued from the sea and forgotten away in the locker. The value of the amazing find was not released, but it was noted that the tub required three men to load it on a truck. If you wish to keep your treasure safe. There are companies offering self-storage in Melbourne that will keep everything secure, but make sure you don’t forget your treasures.
  • Vault full of cash: The auctioneer Don Dotson, from A&E’s Storage Wars, once auctioned off a locker for $500 for an uninteresting locker and thought nothing more of it. Sometime later, he was told by a woman at a party that the locker contained a safe. When the safe was opened if was found to contain 7.5 million dollars in cash. The original owners of the locker became involved and eventually an arrangement was reached where the family received about 75% of their treasure back.


  • Surf’s up: One lucky locker speculator once paid a few hundred dollars for a locker that contained a few documents and records. On further inspection, it was discovered that what they had found was a whole archive of Beach Boys memorabilia, including handwritten lyrics, contracts, and royalty checks. Overall, the contents were determined to be around 10 million dollars USD.

Property kept in storage facilities is very safe. There is round the clock security and video surveillance. Lockers are only auctioned off after every effort has been made to settle a delinquent account. Modern day storage facilities are an excellent and trustworthy solution to storage problems.