Thursday, June 13, 2024

A Comprehensive Guide to the Ogee Skirting Board


A common option for boosting the aesthetic appeal of any interior area is the ogee skirting board style.The Ogee skirting board is a classic style and a mainstay of the construction industry. The Ogee design has various variations, yet they all share things.

If you are considering using that in your house, that will be a great opportunity. This guide provides you with the information and inspiration you need to make informed decisions when adding an Ogee mdf skirting board to your design project, whether you’re an interior designer, a homeowner, or simply a fan of architectural details.

What are Ogee Skirting Boards?

Any item with an extended S or a serpentine appearance is referred to as an ogee. Ogee patterns, which have a double curve, have been used in textiles & architecture since the 12th century.

They are typical architectural elements found in churches constructed at the time and define the Gothic & Gothic Revival architectural styles. Initially utilized in outside construction, the shape has since evolved into a staple of interior design, appearing in ornate moldings, architrave, skirting, and arches.

Like the original designs, most contemporary Ogee forms begin with an angled edge that transitions into a sweeping curve.

Is Ogee a Traditional Style?

You have two primary options for picking skirting for your home: conventional and modern. Traditional skirting designs have a more detailed appearance, while modern skirting designs have a sleeker, more minimalistic finish. Each category has its own set of styles.

The intricacy found on Georgian or Victorian profiles is not present in Ogee, despite the fact that it is considered a historic style. Ogee’s straightforward, sweeping curves fit a variety of settings better than some of the more classic shapes, which are better suited for older rooms with higher ceilings.

Difference between Ogee and Ogee 2


  • Ogee skirting boards have a classic and sophisticated profile.
  • It has concave edges on the top, and convex edges on the bottom.
  • Ogee is frequently used to give sophistication and charm to interiors decorated in Victorian & Georgian styles.
  • Both modern and conventional interior designs can benefit from it.
  • Ogee skirting boards are available in various sizes and materials, enabling personalization based on unique preferences and needs.

Ogee 2

  • Compared to the original Ogee, Ogee 2 has a more pronounced and exaggerated design.
  • It has deeper and more noticeable curves, which have a bigger visual impact.
  • Ogee 2 is frequently selected to give interior rooms a contemporary feel.
  • Ogee 2’s improved design makes it especially ideal for larger rooms where a striking statement is sought.
  • Ogee 2 offers a distinctive twist while preserving the core of the Ogee profile, which can improve a space’s overall appeal.


Ogee MDF Skirting board can be a great style you can have. But it is crucial to remember that Ogee skirting will vary slightly depending on where you get it. This implies that ordering one of our free samples before making a bulk purchase is a good option if you want to match an existing profile.