Monday, July 15, 2024

Automatic Sliding Door Controller Buying Guide


When purchasing an automatic sliding door controller, there are several things to keep in mind. This article will discuss DC One, EDM-MD, GT 1175 Whisper Slider, and CS 80 MAGNEO models. These are just a few of the top choices to help you decide which is right for you. We also go over what features to look for in an automatic sliding door controller. If you are not sure what you need, read our buying guide to learn more about all of these different options.

DC One

The ION Digital Drive is the brain of the DC One automatic sliding door controller. It can be programmed to track the position error of the servo. This PID loop minimizes false positives, by tracking the servo position error against the motor torque command. The ION Digital Drive also uses a position encoder to drive the door mechanism through a pulley system. It is fully configurable and monitors several variables, including position error, which is the difference between the motor’s current position and the desired position.

The microprocessor-based controller features a fully sealed construction and no oil leakage. The overload protection system protects the motor from damage. Its high-strength aluminum alloy rail is wear-resistant and strong. Its modular design enables easy installation. All components can be easily fitted into the guide rail and properly connected. It is possible to incorporate a security light, an access control system, two-door interlock, and back-up power.


If you’re looking for an economical, quality automatic sliding door solution, you’ve come to the right place. EDM-MD series has been designed with advanced Microprocessor technology and Brushless motor technology. This product features many convenient features, including parameter adjustment and an LED visual display. It also features MICOM safety features, ensuring long-term service and safety. And, it’s compatible with the most common sliding door types.

Installation manuals for the EDM-MD-S Series feature teaching data, wiring diagram, and control box assembly. It includes a RUN/PRG switch and a TEST button to check the basic function of the operator. The manual also includes safety features that reduce pedestrian injuries, such as threshold safety devices. To install and operate EDM MD-S series, refer to the Installation Manual and follow the instructions carefully.

GT 1175 Whisper Slider

The GT 1175 Whisper Slider automatic sliding access system is designed to withstand challenging environments and deliver whisper-like performance. The sleek, elegant design and dependable performance of this access system makes it an ideal choice for every automatic sliding door entrance. In addition, the system is equipped with a Universal Microprocessor that delivers usage counts and diagnostic features. In addition to whisper-like performance, the GT 1175 Whisper Slider is easy to install and maintain.

The GT 1175 offers a variety of advanced features and options for a wide range of applications. Its electromechanical closer can operate in automatic mode and incorporate push-n-go and recycle features. The sideload header makes installation easy and is available as a complete swing door package. The system includes the mechanical operator, sensors, and jambs. It has a warranty of five years against defects.


The CS 80 MAGNEO is a versatile automatic sliding door controller for on-wall and in-wall installation. It offers all the necessary standard functions as well as many special functions. Its modular design includes a door kit, a cover, and fixings. The locking device is discreetly hidden under the cover. This makes installation of the CS 80 MAGNEO simple and hassle-free.

The CS 80 MAGNEO is part of the Contur design suite and offers nearly noiseless operation. This low-energy sliding door operator is also wear-resistant and comes with a remote activation system. The controllers are available in three versions, each for a different type of door. These models offer different functions based on the door’s driving path and closing cycle. They have an optional safety glass.

DC Slide

The DC Slide automatic sliding door controller provides excellent features to increase the safety and convenience of your home or office. Its fully sealed structure prevents any oil leakage and has an overload protection system that protects the motor in case of malfunction. The motor is protected from damage by a high-frequency overload protection system and the rail is made of durable high-strength aluminum alloy. The microprocessor controller offers a large range of function input options and enables you to adjust the parameters of the device. Its self-learning feature makes it easy to operate and is also capable of making manual adjustments.

The DC Slide automatic sliding door controller uses a microprocessor and a brushless motor to ensure a smooth and silent operation. The device comes with multiple features and parameter adjustments, including a programmable alarm. Moreover, it uses an advanced Microprocessor technology. To make sure that the DC Slide automatic sliding door controller meets your requirements, check the following features: