Monday, July 15, 2024

Discussing Your Available Options When Buying a New Bed


Over the last twenty- or thirty years, scientists have advanced our understanding of how important sleep is to maintaining good health. When we sleep, the body is repairing and strengthening many of our mental and physical functions, and a lack of good quality sleep can lead to a large number of different illnesses and disorders. So, when we decide to replace our current old bed with a newer example, we must consider several factors that will factor into our decision as to what bed frame and mattress to purchase. We will want to ensure we end up with a bed frame that will give us a good night’s sleep and look good with your bedroom. When you shop for a mattress in Malaysia, brand names are abundant meaning there is plenty of choice available.

Finding A Good Base

The bed frame forms the supporting base of the bed and should hold the mattress firmly in place. By raising the mattress off the floor, it promotes air circulation and prevents the build-up of dust and mould. Bed frames are manufactured to various specifications with different materials, which include –

  • Materials – Wood and metal frames are the most popular type of bed frame as they are very strong and durable; they also come with a wealth of different design options, which can be adapted for many design styles for bedrooms.
  • Height – bed frames generally come in three standard heights of profiles, low, standard, and high, giving varying space under the bed for storage.
  • Size – bed size is normally determined by the size of the bedroom; having a king-size bed in a small room is not a great idea; always consider this before deciding.

Your new bed frame should complement your chosen bedroom design as it will form the centrepiece of the room’s overall look.

Choosing A Mattress

Modern mattress design has advanced considerably during the last twenty years with the introduction and development of new materials and technologies. When deciding what type of mattress to buy, you will typically have three main types to choose from –

  • Traditional coil/spring mattress – this is an older type of design which use springs over a covering of fabric; they can be very soft and offer little support.
  • Memory foam – uses layers of synthetic Foam to provide support and warmth by holding the body in place during sleep.
  • Hybrid Foam – uses a mixture of springs and Foam to provide the best of both worlds; they offer the Foam’s support and the spring unit’s cooling effect.

There is an almost unlimited amount of choice when it comes to choosing a new mattress, so do not rush your purchase. Look at as many as possible; most bed shops will let you try their mattresses; find the one that feels the best.

By finding a good bed frame and comfortable mattress which complement each other, you are providing yourself with a platform which will keep you in good health.

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