Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Dishwasher vs. handwashing: which is more eco-friendly?


Which is more environmentally friendly – dishwasher or handwashing? Which way of washing the dishes is greener? Despite the fact that many stereotypes have arisen on this subject, it’s worth taking a closer look at this matter.

Is it more environmentally friendly to use a dishwasher?

Is using a dishwasher more eco-friendly? As a rule – yes, it is. And it’s not just a supposition. Scientists at the University of Bonn in Germany decided to compare dishwashing with handwashing by using an identical set of dirty dishes. And what turned out? A dishwasher uses not only half the energy, but also 6 times less water and definitely fewer detergents. It sounds good, doesn’t it?

Is a dishwasher more environmentally friendly? If we compare modern dishwashers that use as much water and energy as is necessary with handwashing, which is associated with running tap water – for sure it is. What else is a dishwasher better at? In killing bacteria. Can you imagine washing by hand in a water temperature of 60 degrees Celsius? Ouch!

So we know the verdict. A dishwasher is more ecological than handwashing. But how can we additionally boost its eco-friendliness? How to make a dishwasher give 100% of its ecological potential?

3 tips to make washing in the dishwasher even more ecological

  1. Always try to run a washing program only when the dishwasher is fully filled with dirty dishes. Most models use exactly the same amount of water regardless of the load. Why not use 100% of the dishwasher’s capabilities?
  1. If your dishwasher has this capability, it makes sense to set up an eco-friendly program. It’s worth using these types of options. The dishwasher uses less water and energy, while still perfectly coping with dirt on our dishes. It’s not only being environmentally friendly, but also taking care of additional savings.
  1. Have you ever wondered what’s inside traditional dishwasher pods? Well – often a lot of substances that are unfriendly to both the environment and our health. Do you know that chemical smell that often remains on the dishes? Exactly… Therefore, it’s very good to consider an ecological alternative such as natural dishwasher pods. These types of products are as effective as traditional ones, but they only contain detergents of natural origin.

Is a dishwasher more eco-friendly? The final answer is – yes it is! A dishwasher is a really good investment, not only when it comes to our time and money, but also to care for the environment. These are quite a lot of benefits, right?