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Do You Cut Down Your Own Tree or Hire a Tree Service?


When homeowners consider cutting down their own trees, it’s usually in their bid to save money. Of course, there are quite a few homeowners who attempt this because they want to take up a new challenge, especially after watching a tutorial on “How to cut down your own tree”.

Now let’s face it; tree cutting is not as easy as anyone may make it look. In this article, we discuss some of the things to consider before choosing between cutting your own tree and hiring a tree service.  

Factors to Consider for Tree Removal: Professional or DIY?


Cutting down your tree requires time and effort. And to get this done efficiently, you must have the right tools and also know how to use them correctly. Hiring a tree service saves you the unnecessary stress involved in tree cutting.

In addition to having a good understanding of tree maintenance, professional tree services have all the needed tools to give your yard the best appearance it deserves. And don’t forget the stressful part of clearing debris off your yard after cutting the tree; this will also be handled by the tree service you hire.

Professional tree services have enough skill and experience to get the job done within a shorter time than it would ever take an inexperienced person to do it. Don’t be fooled into thinking that tree cutting is a simple job. This information is presented by our Sarasota tree service.


One of the reasons why tree cutting should be a priority is that your safety can be threatened by overgrown branches.

Choosing to cut down your own tree can expose you to a number of safety risks. For example, anyone within the compound during the process may be struck by a falling branch – and that “anyone” includes you. And what if you trip from the tree? Of course, you don’t want that to happen to you.

Tree care services know how to handle tree cutting at minimal risk. They have the skill and expertise.


Tree pruning is beyond just cutting some branches of the tree. Embarking on such a project on your own without proper skills may cause more problems for your tree. For example, excess pruning can kill your tree.  

Hiring a reputable tree service can help you get the best out of your tree. After their work is done, you will be left with no doubt as to why hiring them was the best decision. Professional tree services also offer you great insights into the best trees and shrubs to have on your property.


It’s hard to foresee the degree of damage that tree cutting can do to your home. Severe destruction can follow a heavy branch falling on your roof. And are you sure that your health insurance covers any damages or injuries that happen during your DIY tree cutting?

Most reputable tree service companies have the necessary insurance that covers most things that may come up during the tree-cutting process. With this, you won’t be liable for any accident or damage caused by the technicians. That said, one of the most important things to look out for when hiring a tree service is their insurance.

In addition to the insurance that comes with hiring them, tree services usually begin their work by carrying out a comprehensive risk assessment. This helps to preempt and prevent certain incidents during the tree-cutting process. Knowing that such assessments have been carried out gives you peace of mind that you, your family, and your property are not at risk during the procedure.


The aesthetic nature of trees on your property is one of the reasons to take care of them. More so, when well taken care of, trees can increase your home’s value significantly. Tree services have the expertise to shape your trees to look good. Using the right techniques, a professional tree service can transform a tree into a great piece of art.

Because of inexperience, you may lack the skill and ability to maintain your tree in its healthiest and most appealing state. You may end up with a tree full of protruding branches. This will not only decrease your home’s curb appeal; it may also piss potential buyers off.

Additional services 

Beyond cutting down trees, tree service companies offer many other services. These include tree removal, stump grinding, tree cabling, maintenance, and other landscaping services. So, you can run two or more services with them at a go, which may save you some money.


Attempting to cut down your own tree is commendable but not recommended, especially because you will have to worry about safety and the liabilities that may follow accidents and damage during the process.

Professional tree services have all the takes to make the whole process smooth and with the best outcome. Before you hire a tree service, however, do your due diligence by checking out their rating on the Better Business Bureau.

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