Sunday, April 14, 2024

Here is How to Keep Outdoor Potted Plants Alive


Plants are not always easy to maintain. While they don’t require your full time, they need attention to detail during maintenance. It is not surprising that some people even hire professionals like Franz Witte to offer maintenance services when it is time.

But hiring professionals is not always necessary, especially when you don’t have a lot of plants to take care of. With the right knowledge, you can easily and efficiently take care of your plants and keep them alive and healthy for longer. Here are some tips;

Learn About the Plants

The very first step is to learn about the plants. If you already have them, you can always teach yourself what type they are as well as what they need to thrive. If you are about to get them, it is best you learn about them before you order.

Choose the Right Pot

Yes, there are right and wrong pots.  You especially want to check drainage before you can place any plant in a pot. Basically, the pot needs to have a hole at the bottom or on the sides to allow excess water to drain out.

Lack of proper drainage causes excess water to remain in the soil. Damp soil causes the plant to wilt and look droopy due to too much wetness.

Similarly, plants need enough room to grow and expand. If your pot doesn’t provide enough space for the roots to stretch, your plant will just end up withering and dying due to the amount of foliage.

Correct Potting Soil

Good plants can only be grown with good soil. Instead of just getting a couple handfuls of soil from your garden or backyard, it is important you buy proper potting soil from reputable garden centers.

Plenty of Light is Essential

Light is one of the essential factors for plants to grow.  You want to make sure that your potted plants are placed in a place where they get efficient light. Putting your plants in too much shade will deny them some essential nutrients from sunlight, causing them not to do well, or worse, to die.

Keep Your Pets Away

As much as you love your pet, some of them may just be a disaster to the plants. Potted plants shouldn’t be placed in open fields and gardens where your dogs and cats play. Chances are they won’t survive for long before they are dropped, turned, and ruined. While animals may love the plants, beware, they may just “love them to death.”

To deal with this problem, make sure to place your potted plants in places your pets can’t get access to. Keep in mind that some plants may also be poisonous to animals. So, it goes two ways; to keep both your plants and your pets safe, alive, and healthy.

Watch Out for Pests and Bugs

A part of the plant maintenance routine is to make sure pests and bugs are out of sight and reach to your plants. They are the major cause of death. You can spray them with insecticidal soap and other recommended products every few days to ensure your plants are not suffering from insects and pest issues.