Monday, February 26, 2024

How To Create More Space Within Your Home


Having larger amounts of space within our home isn’t solely beneficial to the property’s market value, in fact, it can also help our own sense of comfort and wellbeing. Most will feel their space is limited to the capacity of the building itself, however, this isn’t always the case. There are many ways to help a home feel more expansive and welcoming, even in relatively small spaces, such as flats and bungalows.

Interior designers are often very familiar with how to style and design a home in a way that creates space, using creative techniques to not only create as much space as possible but to also create a greater illusion of space, which works as a placebo for our minds. And, in a similar way, the minimalism movement, heralded by figures such as Ryan Nicodemus, Josh Millburn, and Marie Kondo, have also taken their speciality into interiors to help declutter people’s homes, promoting wellness through space.

Considering the advice of interior designers and stylists, here are the essential tips for creating more space with your home.

Merge Your Rooms

Dedicating entire rooms to different functions is not conducive to an efficiency of space. Some designers use clever techniques to bring rooms together, freeing up space elsewhere. For example, Fumio Sasaki built a retractable desk into his closet, with a folding chair stored beneath. This allows his professional space to be stored inside his home’s storage space and then retracted neatly into his bedroom when working.

It may feel like a compromise at first but, when you realise that you have the potential to free a room in your home for an entirely new space, it is actually quite exciting.

Build Outside

If you’re fortunate enough to have a garden, then you have more than a simple outdoor space as an asset. Gardens are becoming increasingly popular as a space to establish outbuildings, cabins, and summer houses. Installing one is an excellent way of creating an entirely new room for your property, one that can be designed and built to accommodate your specific needs.

They are ideal buildings for relaxation and, with the right insulation, can even be cosy during winter, offering the perfect place to host friends and family or watch movies. Many also use the extra square footage for office spaces, which will certainly increase property value more than a shed!

Improve Your Storage

If you follow the advice of the minimalists, you will certainly be able to create more room within your home. However, the cost of this is the necessity of giving up belongings. While this mindset can be incredibly helpful for some, others may find it difficult. There is a middle ground.

Reconsidering your home’s storage facilities is a great way to keep ahold of your belongings while ensuring they don’t clutter the home. Large furniture items, such as beds and sofas can be converted into storage spaces, along with cellars and attics. By making an effort to create as much storage space as possible, you enable yourself to clear away items that would otherwise be in sight, creating a greater amount of room for your home.