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How to decorate your modern home with antiques


A vintage-looking room

Every once in a while, we all get an urge to decorate our modern homes with some antiques. This is because these antiques tell a story, they create a sense of history, and as such, they are our connection to the past. This is why antiques never go out of style. Some people buy antiques from collectors, some shop for them at flea markets and antique stores, and some are lucky enough to have inherited some amazing pieces from their parents and grandparents. However, most people who do have some antiques find it hard to incorporate them with other pieces of furniture in their modern-looking home. If this is the problem you have to, you are in the right place. We will show you how to decorate your modern home with antiques in a flawless way.

Create Layers 

One of the best ways to decorate your modern-looking home with antiques is to create layers. That is, to layer old on top of new, and vice versa. When you do that, you will create something that looks completely unique, something that will make your home feel ‘collected’ and ‘put together’ over time, unlike something that looks like it just came out of a monotonous catalog.

For instance, if you have a modern-looking bedroom, you can break the monotony of the room by adding an antique dresser inside, instead of using wall-to-wall closets. You can match the color of your dresser with the beams of your bed too. Keep your sheets, pillows, curtains, and all upholstery modern, but consider adding a vintage rug. It can be a rug your parents or grandparents used before. Decorating your home with antiques does not have to be expensive – just use the things you already own. That is one of the greatest decorating tips you will be given by any interior designer!

Do Not Be Afraid to Make a Statement 

There are some antiques that are simply show-stoppers. They are often bulky, uncommon, and they do not fit in with anything you have in your room. You should not be afraid of these pieces, no. What you should do is make a statement piece out of them. Of course, you should try to keep the same style, and not mix and match eclectic with victorian.

If you have a living room with a formal yet pleasant style, for example, you should incorporate antiques that go with that style. Things that go with formal styles can be woodcut pieces of furniture, decorations with carved details, or various knick-knacks that have an ornate touch to them. To give you an example of this, imagine a living room with new, symmetrical, one-color furniture, a living room with clean lines, etc., and then add an antique coffee or side table, wood-cut picture frames, mirror frame with carved details, etc. These pieces will break the monotony of your living room and will create a statement piece that will amaze anyone who comes into your living room.

Let the Old Meet the New 

It is one thing to mix and match your antiques with your everyday furniture. However, it is a whole other story to mix antiques with furniture that has those ultra-modern lines. You can use all the inside decorating tips you can find, but mixing those two can rarely have a good outcome. This is because you are trying to mix two completely different styles. What you can do here, is repaint your antique piece of furniture. Repaint it so that it will match the rest of your modern-looking room.

For example, if you have a dining room that has furniture pieces that are white, beige, etc., you can not bring in an antique dining table that has a completely different style, color, and material. This will ruin the concept of your entire dining room and create just one big hot mess. Instead, repaint that table using a color that matches the rest of your dining. This way, your antique table will match with everything in the room, but still stand out.

Repurpose Your Antiques 

These are some antiques that can be really hard to incorporate in some rooms. If you still want to use them in your living space because they are a family heirloom, but you do not want to repaint them as previously mentioned, you can repurpose them. For instance, if you have a bench, or something like a church pew, instead of putting it in your dining or living room, you can put it in your hallway. That way, it will enrich your space, make it look unique, and of course, fill your heart with joy every time you walk by it.

However, be careful when trying to incorporate some bigger antiques into your rooms. Moving them around may not be as easy as it seems. They are very fragile and old, so if you do not know how to assemble and disassemble them properly, better ask professionals for help. There are many moving agencies nowadays like My Brooks Moving who can not only help you relocate your antiques but also assist you with their assembly and short moves (from storage to your home, or even from your garage to your home).

Mix Antiques With Reproductions 

Many modern homes nowadays have reproductions of various antiques. Those are usually pieces of furniture they bought on a yard sale, or some household knick-knacks that they bought on their holiday. And, believe it or not, but real antiques go perfectly well with these kinds of reproductions. Thus, do not be afraid to mix and match them.

However, when decorating your modern home with items from different eras, you must follow one of the simplest decorating rules – make sure that the finishes match. Namely, when it comes to wooden antique furniture, there are different tones and finishes they can have – neutral, red, yellow, grey, etc. So, when trying to mix your antiques with reproduction, make sure they have the same finish and you will not have to worry about a thing.

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