Friday, December 8, 2023

Modern Ideas For A Low Maintenance Garden


Having a garden can be both a wonderful experience and a luxurious property asset. However, if left unattended, they can quickly become overgrown and problematic, giving way to dull land, weeds, and even pests, losing much of their original appeal. The upkeep of a natural area can require even prevent a sale and those properties with grassy areas or wild patches can become a deterrent if they aren’t already made presentable. Grass must be trimmed, plants pruned and contained, surfaces washed, and weather precautions taken. It’s understandable why they are perceived to be a substantial amount of work.

However, this upkeep isn’t an essential lifestyle. Nor does it have to be as time-consuming as you might first thing. In fact, there are many garden assets, features, and designs that actually keep maintenance to a minimum and allow you to enjoy your garden year-round, without the sense of obligation. To support this mindset, and to help people overcome the misconception of garden upkeep, we’ve put together the top tips for creating a low maintenance garden.

Go A Little Potty

While you may love the idea of growing plants in your garden, whether edible or decorative, dedicating your entire outdoor space to nature can be too much. Then, as an alternative, covering it all with concrete can be all too extreme. Fortunately, there is a happy medium found in pots.

Growing in pots completely changes the dimension of your garden, relinquishing control back to you. The surface area of soil is your decision and you can even choose to grow vertically, adding pots and planters to your garden wall and fences. Depending on the size of the pots your choose, vegetables can be grown, and even trees, giving them enough room to thrive while keeping them (and unwanted weeds) contained entirely to their own space.

The Indoors Outdoors

A garden space doesn’t necessitate an outdoor area. In fact, many are now utilising their garden space as an extra room, creating outbuildings and log cabins by their homes. These spaces are high-quality structures that can be customised and used all year round, with the potential for power supplies and the internet to be connected to.

As such, they act as a blank canvas for homeowners, allowing offices, spare rooms, children’s playrooms, and even creative studios to be set up within the garden, minimising the wilderness and replacing it with luxurious comfort. Plus, they commonly increase the value of properties too.

Choose Your Feature

Think about your hobbies and interests, or the type of environment you find relaxing. A garden can be the perfect setting, whether you want to install your own exercise equipment, dining area, or a relaxing and zen pond. These initial features can require a small investment but, once they are installed, become low-maintenance assets that can be enjoyed at any time. When taking on these projects, however, be sure to consider the weather at all times of the year, because if your foundations are properly installed, they may deteriorate over time.

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