Monday, July 15, 2024

Moving with The Times, A Future Kitchen Space.


There will inevitably come that time every 10-15 years where the prospect of a new kitchen becomes enticing, the motivation behind it likely started some time before hand until enough was enough.

With a Modern Kitchen, Design is key.

With the construction business ever growing so is the kitchen supply and demand sector. Modern kitchens do look superb with their crisp clean and tidy looks. There is almost something clinical about them, something that installs peace of mind in terms of hygiene and ease of cleaning.

Trick or treat?

Although the general market is growing, as is the aspect of modern kitchen design the same cannot be said for overall quality which is a real shame considering the amount of time spent in the kitchen area. The number of new homes being built has meant big business for trades, as such the market is awash with some real treats, on the other hand there are some things to be vary of.

A place of versatility.

Your kitchen will see a lot of wear and tear so it will need to live up to your families’ activities for a few years to come. Most people use their kitchen more than they realise, as an example, the modern kitchen is fast becoming what the ‘living room’ once was. A gathering place, after school or work, a place of decision making and with today’s technology also a place of comfort and relaxation.

Demanding quality on your investment.

Therefor your purchase will be that of an investment and you will want to make sure your suppliers and fitters take pride in their work, offering you their undivided focus throughout the process, providing the highest levels of attention to detail and care with every part of your new kitchen.

Help ride them out of town.

Cowboy builders are a real thing unfortunately, so be wary of who you meet and what you sign up for. Putting these requirements at the top of your shopping list would be wise.

  • Look for a team with experience and a proven track record as well as the accreditations to back it up.
  • Make sure you find a company and team of people you are comfortable with.
  • When getting quotes you will want to get a ‘whole job cost’
  • Ask about payment plans
  • Don’t be afraid to ask about knowledge of building regulations
  • Perhaps most important of all, aftercare service. Make sure you get a good warranty.

In summary, our chosen supplier should have the know-how and experience that comes with years of mastering a trade, the devotion to give you their undivided attention as well as somebody you can rely upon if there are any issues after they leave. A fair price would be the icing on the cake!