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Seashell Cabinet Knobs


Sealife cabinet knobs is a company known for its unique sea and coastal design on its knobs. This was after noticing the massive market gap on cabinet knobs of their kind. The making of cabinet knobs from seashells and other sea-collected materials is what makes the company outstanding from its competitors. This powerfully attracts sea enthusiasts who now can add their undying love for the sea and all in it as a touch of design for their cabinet knobs. Unlike any other type of cabinet knob, the seashell cabinet knobs are the type of knobs that combine both utility and style at no extra cost.

Types of Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet knobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which have different impacts on them. Some of the most commonly used include:

  • Round knobs- with the rounded, smooth finish, the knobs can vary from a plain one to a highly decorated one. Pre-ordered cabinet knobs can also be customized according to the customer’s specifications.
  • Square knobs- bring on a discrete sense of style that can have beautiful sea decorations imprinted on them.
  • Oval knobs- the easy-to-use ergonomic type of knobs leaves the fingers sore less on every touch applied on it. Just like every other knob shape, oval knobs also come in different sea and coastal decorations.
  • T-knobs – also known as pull knobs, are knobs with enhanced gripping for safer and more comfortable use.
  • Collection knobs- these types of knobs are found to be very rare and may at most times made of naturally existing shells fetched from the sea and carefully examined to have passed standard knobs regulations.

How to purchase a Seashell Cabinet Knob

With the increased demand for the knobs and the scarcity in production, the global thirst for high-quality knobs has left sea life cabinet knobs with no option but to utilize all available means to supply the market with their unique work of art. The brand applied the online marketing and selling strategy to reach the vast network of customers worldwide. You can quickly purchase their products from their website.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Cabinet Knob Theme

Once one has decided on the type of theme to be applied in a room, then everything acquired for that specific room should coincide with the theme. Hence when purchasing the cabinet knobs for a brightly colored kitchen, it would be suitable to have brightly colored or decorated knobs for your wardrobe.

Strength and Durability

 Customers always want to purchase goods that will serve them longer than the average time. This, therefore, calls for the use of strong and durable materials. The ability of a material to withstand corrosion, pressure, and other types of damages is known as durability. At the same time, the strength of a material is its ability to withstand impact. When purchasing cabinet knobs, they tend to come in different types of materials. These materials vary in both strength and durability. Knobs made of metal are of both higher durability and strength than those made of wood and plastic. This is besides the fact that it can corrode metals.


People should consider the compatibility of the cabinet knob before purchasing them. Compatibility comes with various factors in hand. Some of them include:

  • The method of attachment to the cabinets
  • The size of the knob in ratio to the cabinet.
  • The material of the knob with other accessories such as taps and even door handles.
  • The color of the cabinet


With a cabinet knob being termed as ergonomic, it is very comfortable handling by hand. Factors such as grip and smooth finishing are what make a knob ergonomic. It is crucial to ensure that the knobs feel comfortable from touch.


Knobs, in general, come in varying styles. This is due to the difference in shapes and patterns. Examples of cabinet knobs include hive knobs, knurled knobs, Radcliffe knobs, and mid-century knobs. Depending on the customer’s taste and use for the knobs, they can purchase a suitable Knob for themselves. Hotels and other institutions providing rental services to their customers, the type of knobs used on their cabinets is likely to be unique. It is done to uplift the room’s overall elegance, unlike in an industry where the knob is knurled to increase grip.

Why Choose Sea Life Cabinet Knobs?

Strong and Durable Knobs

Seashell cabinet Knobs are known for their high strength and durability traits. They are of rigid materials that resist impacts of above-average intensity. They are also less corrosive than other types of cabinet knobs due to the materials used in their making. Sea Life Cabinet Knobs use naturally existing seashells to make knobs and ceramics, which are found to have the lowest corrosion rate than those made of metals. This acts as proof that Sea Life Cabinet Knobs is home to extreme durability.


Warranty is the manufacturer’s assurance of quality to the customer on the bought goods. Sea Life Cabinet Knobs give their customers a one-year warranty on goods sold to them. This means that when a knob is purchased and breaks down while in use before one year is complete, the company will replace the broken knob for the customer at no extra cost.


With Sea Life Cabinet Knobs heavily investing in the designing of knobs with a sea touch, it upholds uniqueness. Most manufacturing companies either make plain knobs or knobs similar to those of other companies that have inflated the market.

Sea Life Cabinet Knob has stepped the game up when it comes to cabinet knobs. This is because of the use of naturally occurring shells collected from the coast and concerted into knobs. This is after a series of tests have been done to ensure that they are of good quality.

When considering to buy a high quality, unique and robust cabinet knob, search no more. Make Sea Life Cabinet Knobs your trusted dealer, and be assured of no regrets. The company works with clients to choose the best knob for their personal use.