Friday, September 29, 2023

Should I Change my Locks Once a Year at Home?


As a homeowner there are quite a few considerations that you need to make when it comes to the home security solutions for your home. Whether you are thinking of purchasing and installing a brand-new home alarm system or you’ve recently moved into a new property and are undertaking a full evaluation of the current home security products in place, one area you should never overlook is the situation involving the locks on all the doors and windows. How often should you change the locks at home? And, when changing the locks, is it just a case of changing the lock on the main front door or should you also be looking at changing all the locks on windows and doors around the property?

The main reason that the locks are changed on a property is when a house is being moved into. Moving into a brand-new property and a change of ownership is the perfect time to take complete control over the security situations in your new home. There is no guarantees as to who has had access to a key to a property prior to you living there. Not only could there have been multiple keys for the people living in the house, but also spares made for close friends and family members potentially or maybe spares were made for contractors who were working on projects in the house at various times. To put a clear line under things, change the locks on the front door and other main entry points throughout the property when you first move in and you’ll have complete peace of mind.

Other reasons to change the locks could be that time of year when you undertake a comprehensive review of how you currently secure your home. If you are going through the process of upgrading all of your home security products, including alarms and sensors etc. it might be the perfect time to also review the locks you have installed on all the doors and windows around the property and to upgrade them too to make sure that everything is as secure as it can possibly be. A review of your home security solutions should result in all potential vulnerable points being eliminated.

It might not be necessary to change the locks in your house once a year, but it should definitely be a consideration that you make when undertaking the evaluation of your home security, which we would advice that you do at least once a year. On top of that, looking at whether to change the locks or not should be a question asked whenever you move into a brand-new property, giving you complete control and peace of mind, and if you have suffered from a break-in at your home and wish to bolster your home security defences to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Whatever you decide to do, always take the advice of home security product suppliers, to make sure you have the highest quality of locks for your doors and windows should you choose to make a change.