Sunday, April 14, 2024

System Furniture by Concord Design


There are various combinations to make designs. But there is only one unique combination that creates the design you have dreamt of. We deliver that dream. Well-trained marketing team to the “best in town” interior designers and smart systematic furniture to the “state of the art factory”, concord designs are a team of professionals who turn houses into homes.  Furniture Pieces can be added or removed, and layouts can be reconfigured as needed making it systematic as flexibility and efficiency are the primary selling points which make a priority for the company.

Featuring smart system furniture;

  • Fil8 Extending Wooden Table
  • Amore Revolving Tv Murphy Bed
  • Baobab Round White Glass
  • 2 In 1 Sofa into Bed
  • Expendable Glass Table
  • Mini Max Space Saving Folding Table
  • Roll Out Wooden Table
  • Hydraulics Table
  • Folding Expandable Bed and Many More

a venture set up to create a customized character to your living or workspaces—from wardrobes and shelves to kitchen cabinets and counters, from furniture, needs to decor pieces. Welcome to a world of interior decor & design that is inspired by each customer’s needs and dreams. The furniture is typically used in multi-workstation configurations where stations can share support and privacy panels, reducing the overall square footage required.