Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Benefits of using Wide Plank Wooden Floors


Hardwood flooring is becoming popular with conventional homes. It is an ancient technique that interior designers are using in modern constructions. There are numerous types of hardwood flooring to consider for your home. However, the industry is moving towards wide planks options. It is a trending technique that you can incorporate in your modern home construction or improvement projects.

Hardwood floors are versatile, and you can use them in different rooms. They make the house the house smart and get the feeling of nature indoors. You can see wood plank floors to consider for your homes, depending on your tastes and preferences. However, this read will look at the benefits of using the comprehensive plan wooden floors for the home interiors.

The Benefits

Below are some benefits of choosing the wide plank wooden flooring;

1.     Installation is easy

Using narrow planks can be tasking to install. On the contrary., the wide options cover twice or thrice the space the narrow ones would cover, thus making them easy to install. It utilizes fewer planks to cover a large area. Therefore, it will be affordable if you select them for the home flooring, apart from being easy to install.

2.     Ideal to use with Rustic decor

When having rustic furniture and décor, the wooden floors are the best to complement them. They will naturally integrate with the other assets in the house to improve the aesthetic appeal of the interiors. The wide planks give an ancient feel to the house and are ideal if you prefer the classical look.

3.     Gives the Illusion of a Larger Space

The wide planks for wooden flooring are extensive than the other options. Integrating them in a small room will give an illusion of a larger space due to their continuity. Therefore, consider them for the floors if you want a space to appear larger to the eyes.

4.     Increases the House Resale Value

Even though you might be planning to sell your property in the future, installing the wide plank wooden floors can offer a return on the investments. The home improvement initiative will increase the market value. It is typical for hardwood floors to affect the selling price of a property positively.

5.     The Joints are Seamless

The type of flooring will join seamlessly, and it will be difficult to determine where the planks have joints. It does not distort the pattern, thus making the pattern appealing and as natural as possible.

6.     Minimal Maintenance

The wooden floors require minimal maintenance to maintain their appeal. It does not easily stain, and you only need to wipe them in case of spillages. However, it is vital to use the right cleaning technique, which is hardwood cleaner. Alternatively, you can use a dump piece of cloth to wipe. It is not advisable to use water to clean the floors.


Although there are several benefits to hardwood flooring, there can be drawbacks to them. Therefore it is vital to limit exposure to moisture as it will damage them.