Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Cost of Residential Snow Removal In Anchorage (What To Expect)


Residential snow removal in Anchorage is quite popular as Anchorage tends to get a lot of snow, especially in the wintertime. If you’re unfamiliar with winter areas or snow removal, then you’re in the right place. The cost of snow removal is something many people might wonder about or be concerned about as they research the topic of getting snow removal. Let’s dive in and take a look at the cost of residential snow removal in Anchorage and what factors go into it. 

How Much Does Residential Snow Removal Cost? 

On average, you can expect to pay about $113 on average for snow removal. The range of pricing goes from $49 to $450. However, this includes special circumstances and annual contracts. With that being said, this information won’t exactly give you the answer you’re looking for because there are many different things that go into the price of snow removal. Some of these factors include location, amount of snow, size of the area, and the type of removal method. 

Snow Removal Cost By Type

One thing to remember is that there are different types of snow removal options you can get. These options might be charged by the service, by the hour, or by the square foot. Regardless, you can expect to pay a different amount depending on which service you go for. 

Here’s a breakdown of each service and the average cost of the service: 

Anchorage Snow Plow Services: $30 – $95 flat fee

Snow Shoveling: $25-$75 per hour

Salt Application: $20 – $40 per application 

Sand Application: $20 – $40 per application 

Snow Blowing: $25-$75 per hour

These different snow removal types can vary based on how much snow needs to be removed, the company you choose, and so much more. Choosing which removal method is best can be determined by your area and your needs. Use these prices as a guideline to anticipate how much you’ll spend on your residential snow removal in Anchorage. 

Factors That Affect Snow Removal Cost

Of course, like everything, there are factors that go into determining the price of residential snow removal in Anchorage. There are some things to consider when figuring out what type of snow removal you’ll need and what the cost might be. Here are a few factors to consider which will affect your price: 

  • Amount of snow
  • Square footage of the area needing the snow removed 
  • Type of service 
  • Company rates
  • Labor rates
  • Amount of time it’ll take to complete the job

These factors are sure to affect the pricing as it can fluctuate based on many different factors. Another thing to consider is how the company will charge. The price may be different if the company is charging per hour, a flat rate, or a  seasonal fee. Let’s look at how the price might fluctuate using different pricing methods: 

Per Hour: $25-$75

Per Season: $300-$350 

Per Event: $30-$75

Per Visit: $30-$50

Per Inch: $60-$95

If you want to know more about the particular way you’ll be charged then be sure to contact the company doing the residential snow removal in Anchorage to get an accurate answer based on your situation. 

How To Save Money On Snow Removal

If you find yourself in a situation where you need snow removal quite often then it’s important to know some ways you can save money. Although in the grand scheme of things snow removal is quite affordable for what it is. Let’s go over some ways you can save money on snow removal. 

One thing we recommend to do is to have a seasonal or annual agreement for residential snow removal in Anchorage. Most companies offer a flat fee or rate in order for them to come out during the winter season for snow removal. If you live in an area where it snows very often and you need snow removal often then this can be a great option for you. 

For example, you may pay $300 for a flat fee for seasonal snow removal. On the other hand, if you pay hourly and it takes 2-3 hours for your snow removal to be completed then you can pay upwards of $100 for that single visit. This doesn’t take into account any other times you might need them to come out. 

The Bottom Line 

Ultimately residential snow removal in Anchorage is a great resource for anyone in that area to use. Inevitably, you can expect to deal with snow in an abundance in the wintertime so it’s best to prepare for it and have a game plan. Remember that pricing varies based on many factors, so getting a seasonal agreement might be best depending on your situation. Either way, this article should help you know a little about what to expect when it comes to pricing for residential snow removal in Anchorage.