Thursday, June 13, 2024

What to do with backyard leaves?


 Many people make their backyard very useful and according to their needs and desire. Some of them create playgrounds, barbecue setups, or beautiful gardens. If we talk about the garden in the backyard. It gives beauty to your house but also creates problems. The autumn season comes with beauty but it also creates a big mess. Leaves fall to the ground and are scattered in every corner of the yard. It is a big headache for the landlords, especially the gardeners and they have only one desire to get rid of it by any means.

We have many options to get rid of these fallen leaves.

Blow the leaves with a blower:

We can use a blower to blow away these leaves. If you have woods in your backyard, you can leave these leaves as fertilizer for the trees. If you have a big space in the backyard then they will naturally decompose with the soil and provide nutrients to the trees.

Use leaf mulching method:

Leaf mulching is the best way to use these leaves. We use a leaf grinder mulcher to shred the leaves into small pieces. We use these shredded leaves with the garden’s soil to give strength and pure nutrients like carbon, nitrogen, potassium, and magnesium. These leaves work like natural fertilizer. Due to this process, they provide moisture to the soil which is very good for the trees.

Put the leaves in bags:

The garden has not only trees but also grasses, shrubs, herbs, and many other things. On windy days, leaves fall more than on other days, and they form a thick layer of leaves on the grass. If we do not remove these leaves from the grass, the grass will not get adequate sunlight and air. Due to this, it will wither and diseases will arise in it.

Vacuum these leaves:

We can also use a vacuum to collect those fallen trees from the backyard, we have many leaf shredders. These machines are available in all sizes and power. You can use these machines as per your need and requirement. We can also store them in bags for next season. After cutting the leaves, they will take up less space than before. Because now they are in crushed form. If we do not remove these leaves, they will cover the drains and stop the flow of water. They will become a disaster on rainy days.

Lawn Mower:

A lawnmower not only cuts the grass but also collects leaves on the grass. You can use the grass collector by attaching it to the mower, to collect all the scattered leaves. If you have so many trees in your backyard, you can take advantage of these leaves by spreading them around the trees. They will slowly decompose with the soil and provide nutrients and minerals to the trees.

Burn the leaves:

Some countries allow burning to get rid of these leaves. They set a time frame for burning the leaves. But most countries have banned burning to keep the environment clean so that it does not cause more air pollution.