Thursday, June 13, 2024

What To Know On How To Calculate The Size Of My Change From The Moving Company


First of all, for you to understand how a moving company calculates the value of the service, it is necessary to consider the following points:

  • Required Packing Quantity
  • Insurance price
  • How many employees will be needed?
  • truck size
  • Traveled distance

In conclusion, except for the distance covered, all other points are directly calculated based on the size of your change. This is why it is essential to calculate the items transported accurately.

In this way, moving companies will understand ​​the value of the insurance, the amount of packaging, the number of employees, and the size of the truck needed for their service. This list is called Inventory. Here’s how to do one correctly.

Change Inventory

Beforehand, the most traditional way to calculate the size of your move is to make a complete list of your items. It is essential to describe everything that will be transported in an inventory; this way, the moving company will be able to pass a very assertive budget. In the case of furniture and appliances, it is also recommended to include the dimensions.

So, imagine requesting a quote for a complete residential move from a 2-bedroom apartment. With this description, it is tough for the company to calculate its expenses, and in this way, it will always pass a higher price, just in case.

Do you agree that a 2-bedroom apartment for a single person can be very different from an apartment with the identical distributions of a family with two children and a dog?

So, thinking to help, we created a spreadsheet with a changing inventory to map all the items you will be transporting. The file can be used online or in print. Please remember to forward this file when requesting a quote.

In summary, this Inventory will be used for the budget. After contracting the service, the company will be able to make a new inventory, including the value of the items and the state of conservation (this is for the insurance to reimburse any damage or loss caused during the move)

On-Site Inspection Offered By The Moving Company

On the other hand, the simplest way to guarantee a reasonable budget and negotiate directly with the company is to request a face-to-face inspection.

That way, the company specialist will quickly determine what will be needed for your move and will take an inventory himself. Click for more info